How to install DirectAdmin controlpanel on Centos 7.x?

DirectAdmin is a GUI based control panel used for Linux OS like CentoOS and RHEL. It is cheaper than cPanel. It allows you to manage your reseller account, user account, domains, etc., from one interface easily. Your OS requires at least 1 GB of RAM and 2 GB of swap space to run the DirectAdmin control panel. Please refer to the following steps to install DirectAdmin on CentOS 7.x.

IMP: Ensure that your server hostname has a fully qualified domain name and purchased the license for DirectAdmin. 

  1. Download the setup .sh file using the below command.

    wget -O
  2. Change permissions on the file and run it. The automated script will install all the setup for you. It will also install a CSF firewall as well. After the installation, you will see the login details for the control panel on your screen. 

    chmod 755
    ./ auto
  1. After the successful installation, you can access the DirectAdmin panel with http://server.ip.address:2222.

  2. Change the default password of the DirectAdmin panel.

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