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What is SAN Storage?

SAN or storage area network is a network of storage devices used to store data from multiple computers or servers through shared pools of resources. This network of storage devices is called a storage area network or SAN. All the computers on the local network can have the local disk connected individually, but they can access SAN or storage area network to store their data. It offers a high-speed network that provides block-level network access to storage. We at Accuwebhosting offers SAN storage on our Classic Windows VPS Hosting service. 

You can get more details from our blog: 5 Things You Should Know About Storage Area Network 

What is SSD Storage?

SSD or solid-state drives are much faster than traditional SATA hard drives. SSD Drives stores all the data in integrated circuits, while HDDs store the data in magnetic fields on the disk platter. That is the main difference between older hard drives, HDD, and SSD drives. Using an SSD disk, you can make your operations faster. Webhosting companies offer SSD drive to host clients' websites for much faster deployment. You can consider this as a single or multiple drives attached to an individual computer or server to store the data. We offer SSD Storage for both Windows VPS and Linux VPS. 

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