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Sometimes it is possible that we need to run some specific task at a specific time and it is possible that we might miss the time to run a task. For that, Plesk Panel has a good feature that will run your task at your given time. Let’s see how you can do it in Plesk.

  1. Login to your Plesk Panel.

  2. Go to the Scheduled Tasks.

  3. Click on Add Task.

  4. You’ll see the below screen. So, once you get this screen then enter your appropriate task.
  • Run Command. - You will need to specify the exact path of the executable file to be run. It will include a shell script, batch file.

  • Fetch a URL - You will need to specify the URL here to run.

  • Run a PHP Script - You can run a PHP script.

  • Script Path - in the above image, we have selected Run a PHP Script. So, here we need to specify the path of the file.

  • Run - Here, you will need to set the frequency of your task along with a specific time. It allows you to set the frequency for Hourly, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Cron cycle.

  • Description - Users can write a description of your task.

  • Notify - It is the important thing in the scheduled task. By using this option system will notify you for the errors and the output of the script.

        Once all the above steps are completed, click on the Ok button. Here we go we have scheduled a task.

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