How to change the timezone on Ubuntu 18.04 Server?

You can perform the below steps using root or sudo users.

  1. Check your current timezone by executing the following commands.

    # timdatectl

  2. As you can see above that, the current time zone is UTC. Now, if we want to change to another timezone.
  3. Now, we want to change the timezone. First, we need to list out all the zones. You can check it by executing the below command.

    # timedatectl list-timezones

  4. Those are the timezones. Now, if we wish to change to “Africa/Juba”. Now, we will grep the “Juba” from the timezone by fire below command.

    # timedatectl list-timezones | grep juba

  5. So, finally we have identified our timezone, lets change it to it. Follow the below command in order to change the timezone.

    # timedatectl  set-timezone africa/juba
  6. By performing the above command, we can see that our timezone has been changed.

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