Nopcommerce - An error occurred while starting the application

You may have received the below error while running your nopcommerce application. 

An error occurred while starting the application.
.NET Core 4.6.27414.05 X64 v4.0.0.0 | Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting version 2.2.0-rtm-35687 | Microsoft Windows 10.0.14393 | An error occurred while starting the application.

If you have received such an error in your existing application and you haven’t made any recent changes, you need to check for the event log. There might be below event log occurs.

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): The transaction log for database 'uxxxxxx_DB1' is full due to 'LOG_BACKUP'. 

In this scenario, you will need to truncate your database transaction log to resolve the issue. Please refer to the Truncate > SQL Transaction log to truncate the logs.

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