How to add my SSH key to Github/Bitbucket?

Are you looking to deploy your websites using GitHub or Bitbucket to Accuwebhosting? It is very easy. You just need to add an SSH key to GitHub/Bitbucket and you will be able to deploy your website content without any issue. 

Add SSH key to GitHub

  1. Log in to your GitHub account. 

  2. At the upper-right, click on the profile photo and click on the Settings.

  3. Inside the user, click on SSH and GPG keys.

  4. Click on the New SSH key.

  5. In the Title box, write your required key title with a description. Suppose, you have Centos, you can write Webserver_Centos_7. Now, Paste your key in the Key field and click on the Add SSH key button.

  6. You will get the below screen once it is added.

Add SSH key to BitBucket

  1. Log in to the Bitbucket account. 

  2. At the bottom left, click on your profile > personal settings.

  3. Click on SSH keys and after that click on the Add key

  4. Give the appropriate Label to your key and paste the key in the text box.

  5. Click Add key

  6. This is it. Your key is added.

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