How to transfer/copy files from my computer to Forex VPS? Print

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you can conveniently transfer the web contents from your local system to your Forex VPS via Remote Desktop, and map your local drives on your Forex VPS.

Exploring mapped drives is possible through Microsoft Windows Explorer and you can transfer the files by simply copying from local computer drive and pasting them in Forex VPS drives. It's a pretty easier way of transferring files than FTP and saves tons of time.

Shall we begin the process?

  1. To start Remote Desktop Connection, go to Start, and to than programs.

  2. Tap Accessories >> Remote Desktop Connection, and further, in the computer box, enter the IP address of your server
    along with port.

  3. Tap the the Options drop down and select the Local Resource tab over there. Click on More button, at Local Resources tab.

  4. Select all the local drives you desire to share with the Remote Desktop Connection and tap Ok. Once you select the drives, tap the Connect button.

  5. After establishing a connection to you VPS, explore My Computer, you'll find selected local drives available to access directly from your VPS.

  6. From your local computer, you can drag-and-drop files to your VPS drives.

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