How to install Woocommerce on your Wordpress?

If you have installed the Wordpress and want to run an online store, we highly recommend you to go with the woocommerce. It is one of the most used plugins for the Wordpress Website. Woocommerce provides customized options with flexibility which makes it a popular eCommerce plugin.

Woocommmerce is very easy to set up with Wordpress. It takes very little time to install and configure the Woocmmerce with Wordpress.

Following are the steps to install Woocmmerce on your Wordpress.

  1. Login to your Wordpress Admin.

  2. Click on Plugins >> Add New.

  3. At Keyword type woocommerce.

  4. Click on Install Now Button at Woocommerce Plugin Box.

  5. Once installed, go to the installed Plugin list and activate the Woocommerce.

  6. As you click on Activate Button, it will take you to the configuration page. Add all the required details and click on Let's go! Button.

  7. Click on Continue Button.

  8. At the Payment option, select your payment method by which you will accept the payment.

  9. Expand the Offline Payments and enable the payment method like check payment and cash on delivery as per your requirement and click on continue Button.

  10. Select your shipping method from the dropdown. This option will be different from your location.

  11. Select the Additional features if required and click on continue Button.

  12. Now, you are at the final step. It will ask you to continue with JetPack which will provide additional features like live rates and automatic taxes. If you don't want Jetpack, you can skip it by clicking on skip this step Button.

  13. Your installation is almost finished. Enter your email account if you are looking to receive tips and updates from woocommerce. We recommend you to check the official URL of woocommerce to view all the options.

  14. To Add the Product for your store, you can go to the Woocommerce >> Add New and Add New Product.

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