5 Wget Command Examples to Download Files in Linux. Print

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wget is used to download your files from the remote server. It is used mostly on Linux Command-Line. It works as you

(1) Download File to same directory using Wget :

You can download the file to the current directory using the below wget command.

# wget https://accuwebhosting.com/download.zip

(2) Download File & Save to Specific Location :

If you want to download the file at any specific location.

# wget https://accuwebhostin.com/download.zip -O /opt/download.zip

(3) Download File from FTP :

Use below command to Download files from FTP.

# wget ftp://ftp.accuwebhosting.com/download.zip

(4) Download File from Password Protected URLs :

When you access any URL to download files and it requires username and password to download a file.

Use following command to Download the file from password-protected ftp server.

# wget --ftp-user=username --ftp-password=password ftp://ftp.accuwebhosting.com/download.zip

Use following command to Download file from password protected http server

#  wget --http-user=username --http-password=password https://accuwebhosting.com/download.zip

(5) Download File from the Untrusted Secure URL :

Use the following command to download file from the untrusted secured URL.

# wget https://accuwebhosting.com/download.zip --no-check-certificate

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