How to Add DMARC Record in Cloudflare?

We can add DMARC record for our Domain to protect the domain from phishing and spoofing attacks. DMARC Consist of two of the authentication like SPF and DKIM. Email should pass SPF and DKIM authentication before it can validate DMARC.

Add DMARC in Cloudflare


  1. Login to Cloudflare Panel and select the domain for which you want to set the DMARC Record.

  2. Click on DNS.

  3. Click on Add Records and select the txt record from the drop-down.

  4. Inside Name field, type the name of your DMARC record (_dmarc) and in content add your dmarc content. Here, we have put only dmarc for our domain name and click on Save Button.

  5. Once you save the record click on Add Record Button.

          This is how you can add the DMARC Record in Cloudflare.

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