How to restore a website backup from Softaculous?

Important Note: Please double check before performing these steps. It will revert all the changes made after you have taken Backup. You will not be able to revert changes again if you haven’t taken the current backup of DB and Web-Content. We believe that you have taken the backup of your installed script using Softaculous.

You can restore the backup of your installation from Softaculous. To do this you should have taken a backup of your existing Installer. Following are the steps to restore the Backup of your Installer.

  1. Login to your Webhosting Panel. cPanel or Plesk etc.

  2. Go to Softaculous >> Go to MenuBar.

  3. Click on Backups and Restore Icon. It will load your Backups.

  1. Click the Restore button to restore your Backup.

  2. Tick Restore Directory to restore the entire directory and Tick Restore Database to restore the Database. You can untick any of the options if you don't want to restore it.

  3. Hit Restore Installation Button.

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