How to add a Package in Centos Web Panel?

Following are the steps to add a package in CWP.

  1. Login to CWP.

  2. Search and Click on Packages.

  3. Click on Add new package.

  4. Enter Required Details.

    • Package Name : Provide Package Name

    • Disk Quota : Provide size of Package

    • Bandwidth : Required Bandwidth

    • FTP : Number of FTP

    • Email Accounts : Number of Email Account

    • Email Lists : Number of mail list

    • DB : Add Number of Database

    • Sub Domains : Add Number of SubDomains

    • Parked Domains : Add Number of Parked Domains

    • Addon Domains : Number of Addon Domains

    • Hourly Emails : Hourly Email sent list

    • Reseller : Tick if this package is for reseller

    • Max. Accounts : Set Maximum account a reseller can create

  1. Hit Create Button.

Newly created package will be shown in the List Packages

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