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CS-Cart is an eCommerce shopping cart application. It has all the functions to run as an Online store using a single admin panel. It is built using the MySQL, PHP, and Smarty and you can host CS-Cart within your cPanel. Following are the steps to install it on cPanel.

  1. Create a MySQL Database.

    MySQL Database


  2. Create MySQL Database User.

    MySQL User

  3. Provide All Privilege for your created MySQL User to the same Database.


  4. Download the CS-Cart from here and upload it to your cPanel public_html.


  5. Extract the zip file.

  6. Run the Domain on which you have uploaded the CS-Cart files and click on the Install.

  7. Accept the License agreement.

  8. Enter the following Details and click on Install Button.

MySQL Server Host: MySQL IP Address

MySQL Database Name : MySQL Database Name

MySQL User : Enter the MySQL Username

MySQL Password: MySQL User Password

Administrator’s Email: Your Email from which you can manage your store from CS-Cart.

Administrator’s Password: Password to Manage the CS-Cart admin Panel.

  1. It will run the installation process as per the below Screen.

  2. At Licensing mode, you can choose the following.

Full: Enter your license number for Installation. It will provide you the full features of CS-Cart. For Example, Multiple add-ons, Different languages, etc. For CS-Cart License Click here (

Trial: Choose the trial version for a free 30-day trial with full features. After 30 days, you can purchase the license, or you can switch to the Free Version.

Free: Free mode will have limited feature availability.


  1. Click on Storefront to view your store or Click on Administration Panel.

  2. Below Screen is showing the Administration Panel.


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