How to generate CSR in Plesk 17?

You can generate the CSR Key directly from the Plesk Panel. Following are the steps to generate the CSR Key in Plesk Panel 17.

  1. Login to the Plesk Panel.

  2. Click on the Hosting Service >> Select Domains >> SSL/TLS Certificate.

  3. Click on the Add SSL/TLS Certificate.


  4. You will receive a Request Certificate wizard in which you will need to fill the below-mentioned details

  • Certificate name :
  • Bits :
  • Country :
  • State or Province :
  • City :
  • Organization name :
  • Organization Department :
  • Domain name :
  • Email :

  1. After filling all the required details, click on the request button.CSR and Private Key will be added at (Domains > > SSL/TLS Certificates).


  2. Click on the Certificate Name which you have given earlier to open the CSR Key for the online order process at your chosen SSL Authority.


You are now done with the CSR generation.

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