What is latency? How the latency matters in the Forex Trading?

In terms of network latency, this can be defined by the time it takes for a signal to be sent from the trading platform (ie MT4), received by the trading broker, and responded to it.


The automated trading programs like MT4/MT5, EAs (Expert Advisors) depend upon the receiving signals from the trading servers in real-time and sending orders signals with the fastest execution speeds. It can be significantly improved the performance of the EAs and other automated trading strategies by running them on the VPS.


We've checked the latency on our Forex VPS to the different Forex Trading Brokers.


Broker/ Sub Broker Latency from Forex VPS
24option 1.33 ms (Frankfurt,Germany)
4xcube 1 ms(London. UK)
AAAFx 3 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
AAFX Trading 9.24 (N. Virgina, USA)
ADS Securities 1 ms (London, UK)
AIMS 2 ms (London, UK)
AKFX 2.20 ms (London, UK)
AMP Global Clearning 8.80 ms (N.Virginia, USA)
ATC Broker 8 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
ATFX 0.38 ms (London, UK)
ActivTrades 1 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
Admiral Markets 2.59 ms (London, UK)
Advanced Markets 4.46 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Alfa Forex 1.85 ms (London, UK)
Ally Invest 9 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Alpari US 1 ms (London, UK)
Amana Captial 0.50 ms (London, UK)
AmendaFX 1.74 ms (London, UK)
ArgusFx 6.35 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Atom8 14 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
Ava Financial 2 ms (London, UK)
AvaTrade 1.04 ms (London, UK)
Axiory 1.96 ms (London, UK)
Axitrader 8.23 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
B2Broker 5 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
BCS Forex 1 ms (London, UK)
BDS Markets 0.03 ms (London, UK)
BDSwiss 0.54 ms (London, UK)
BMFN 1 ms (London, UK)
Berndale Capital 0.48 ms (London, UK)
Binary . com 2 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
BlackBull Markets 4.37 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Blackwell Global 0.42 ms (London, UK)
Blueberry Markets 2.61 ms (Tokyo,Japan)
BlueMax Capital 5.33 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
CK Markets 0.28 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
CM Trading 2 ms (London, UK)
CMC Markets 1.92 ms (London, UK)
Cap Trader 0.54 ms (London, UK)
Capital City Markets 6 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Capital Index 2.28 ms (N. Virgina, USA)
Charter Prime 10.14 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
Citi FX Pro 4 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
City Index 1 ms (London, UK)
Coinexx 1.45 ms (London, UK)
Colmex Pro 11 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
Core Liquidity Market 2.99 ms (London,UK)
Core Spreads 2.08 ms (London, UK)
CryptoRocket 0.58 ms (N.Virginia, USA)
Currenex 3.36 ms (N.Virginia, USA)
DC (Different Choice) 4 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Darwinex 0.8 ms (London, UK)
Direct FX 3 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Divisa Capital 2 ms (London, UK)
Dukascopy 11.23 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
E-Global Trade & Finance 0.44 ms (London, UK)
ECM Trader 2.68 ms (London, UK)
EDR Financial 2.37 ms (London, UK)
ETX Capital 0.58 ms (London, UK)
EXXI Capital 1.70 ms (N. Virginia, UK)
Eagle Global Markets 1 ms (London, UK)
EagleFX 2 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Easy Forex 2.69 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
Egm Securities 0.30 ms (London, UK)
Eight Cap 2 ms (Tokyo, Japan)
Equiti 0.10 ms (London, UK)
EquitiGroup 1.28 ms (London, UK)
EverFX 13.93 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
Evolve Markets 0.4 ms (London, UK)
Existe Investment 0.48 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
EXness 2.95 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
FBS 2.47 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
FIBO Group 0.78 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
FIXI Markets 0.98 ms (London, UK)
FP Markets 2.70 ms (N.Virginia, USA)
FX Flat 0.54 ms (London, UK)
FX Giants 0.26 ms (London, UK)
FX Primus 0.92 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
FXCC 1 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
FXCM 9 ms (N Virginia, USA)
FXDD 8.69 ms (N .Virginia, USA)
FXGlobe 1 ms (London, UK)
FXOpen 4 ms (N. Virgina, USA)
FX Optimax 6.90 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
FXPIG 1 ms (London, UK)
FX Primus 1 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
FXPro 2 ms (London, UK)
FXTM(Forextime) 11 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
FinFX 7 ms (n. Virginia, USA)
FinPro Trading 1 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
Firewood FX 5.24 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Forex Club 13 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
Forex . com 5 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Forex.ee 8 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Forex4you 0.39 ms (London, UK)
ForexChief 0.54 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
ForexNation 7.07 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Forexware 8 ms (N.Virginia, USA)
Formax Prime Capital 1 ms (London, UK)
Fort Financial Services 13 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
Fortrade 2 ms (London,UK)
FreshForex 1 ms (London, UK)
Fullerton Markets 0.74 ms (London, UK)
Fusion Markets 4 ms ( N. Virginia, USA)
Fx Choice 1 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
FxGlory 8 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
FxGrow 2.28 ms (London, UK)
FxNet 1 ms (London, UK)
GAIN Capital 1.75 ms (London, UK)
GBE Brokers 0.4 ms (London, UK)
GCI Financial 0.26 ms (London, UK)
GKFX 0.56 ms (London, UK)
GemForex 0.28 ms (London, UK)
Global Prime 0.36 ms (London, UK)
Global Pro 2 ms (London, UK)
Go Markets 2.40 ms (London, UK)
Grand Capital 13 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
HQBroker 14.36 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
HY Markets Live 2 ms (London, UK)
HYCM 2.91 ms (London, UK)
HankoTrade 1 ms (London, UK)
Hantec Markets 1.06 ms (London, UK)
HotForex 13 ms (Franikfurt, Germany)
House of Borse 1 ms (London, UK)
Hugso Way 7.99 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
IC Markets 8.49 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
ICM Brokers 8 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
IFC Markets 2.78 ms (London, UK)
IG 1 ms (London, UK)
Infinox 2.46 ms (London, UK)
InstaForex(EU) 11 ms (Frankfurt, germany)
InstaForex(US) 3 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Interactive Brokers 0.2 ms (London, UK)
Invast 0.08 ms (London, UK)
Iquoto 2 ms (London, UK)
IronFX 2.35 (Frankfurt, Germany)
JAFX 9.04 ms (N, Virginia, USA)
JFD Brokers 3 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Juno Markets 1 ms (London, Uk)
Just2Trade 10.79 (Frankfurt, Germany)
JustForex 0.2 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
KOT4x 1.88 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Kapsecure 0.11 ms (London, UK)
Key To Markets 1 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Klimax Capital Markets 0.86 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
LCG 0.27 ms (London, UK)
LCM FX 2.82 ms (London, UK)
LCMFX/lucrorfx 2 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
LMAX 0.34 ms (London, UK)
LMFX 14 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
LQDFX 0.24 ms (London, UK)
LandFX 0.50 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
LegacyFX 13 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
LibertexCom 0.22 ms (London, UK)
LiteForex 1.29 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
LucrorFX 0.24 ms (London, UK)
MEX Int Group 0.40 ms (London, UK)
MGTC ltd. 2.95 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
M trading 0.18 ms (London, UK)
Markets . com 2 ms (London, UK)
match-Trade 0.18 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
Maxrich Group 11 sm (Frankfurt, Germany)
Multibank FX 1.33 ms (London, UK)
New Capital Securities 1 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
NordFX 14 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
Oanda 3.31 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
OctaFX 1 ms (London, UK)
One Financial Markets 2.920 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
OneTrade 8.07 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Orbex 10 msk (Frankfurt, Germany)
OsperyFX 2.94 ms (London, UK)
PVP Markets 2.70 ms (London, UK)
PaxForex 1.30 ms (London, UK)
Pepperstone 8.83 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Price Markets 0.50 ms (N .Virginia, USA)
ProfiForex 8 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
ProsperityFX 2.64 ms (London, UK)
Purple Trading 2 ms (London, UK)
Rakuten Securities AUS 1 ms (Tokyo, Japan)
RevoTrade 1 ms (London, UK)
RoboForex 2 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
Rubix FX/FXTRADING.com 1.85 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
STO 0.92 ms (London, UK)
SuperForex 0.85 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
Swiss Markets 2 ms (London,UK)
SynergyFX 5 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
TIO Markets 0.43 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Tallinex 1 ms (London, UK)
Teletrade 13.82 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
ThinkMarkets 0.54 ms(London, UK)
Tickmill 1 ms (London,UK)
TitanFX 1 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
Trade12 2 ms (London, UK)
TradeMAx 2.95 ms (London, UK)
Tradersway 2.30 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
Tradeview Forex 2.97 ms (London, UK)
TrioMarkets 1 ms (London, UK)
TurnKey Forex 2.56 ms (London, UK)
UOB 1 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
USGFX 2 ms (London, UK)
VantageFX 1 ms (London, UK)
Weltrade 2 ms (London, UK)
XM 0.82 ms (London, UK)
XM Broker 1.88 ms (London, UK)
XTB 1 ms (London, UK)
Xtrade 2 ms (London, UK)
Yadix 12.59 ms (Frankfurt, Germany)
Z . com trade 1.93 (London, UK)
forexfs 5.88 ms (N. Virginia, USA)
tegasFX 1 ms (London, UK)


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