Configure SMTP Blocking to Prevent Outgoing Spam on Smartermail 16.

SmarterMail provides an option for the mail administrators to configure the spam checks on outbound messages and prevent an email's delivery if those spam checks fail.

If your Smartermail account is compromised and being used to send spam emails, this article will be useful to stop those emails and you will save your IP address being blacklisted by RBLs.

Inorder to set the SMTP Blocking on your mail server,

(A) Enable STMP Blocking and configure its weight threshold.
(B) Enable individual spam checks for outgoing SMTP blocking.

NOTE: If Messages are rejected due to SMTP Blocking, it will not move to the SmarterMail spool.

  • Please follow the mentioned steps to enable the SMTP Blocking and configure its weight threshold:

  1. Login to the Smartermail using the admin account.

  2. Click on the setting icon and select the antispam from the listed option in the left pane.

  3. Find SMTP Blocking card and enable the Outgoing Weight Threshold. Default value of outgoing weight is set to 30. This will block the outgoing email which total spam weight is 30. You can set it as per your requirement.

  4. Select the Outgoing Quarantine option and set the preferred days to view your Quarantine emails in Spam Quarantine. You can view the rejected emails due to the SMTP blocking in the Spam Quarantine at Manage >> spool >> Spam Quarantine.

  5. Click on the save button.

  • Please follow the mentioned steps for enabling individual spam checks for outgoing SMTP blocking:

  1. Select the Spam Check tab inside the Antispam section.

  2. You can edit each spam checks which will be used for SMTP blocking. For this, Double click on spam check (eg: Bayesian Filtering) enable Outgoing SMTP Blocking.

    Note: SMTP blocks work on IP level and not on the message contents, Some spam checks don't offer outgoing SMTP blocking are marked as ‘N/A’.

  3. Set the spam check weights as per your requirement.

    Spam weight of all the spam checks for Outgoing SMTP Blocking will be calculated while sending an outgoing email. If the total weight of the outgoing email exceeds than Outgoing Weight Threshold that's configured for SMTP Blocking, the same email will be blocked.

  4. Click on the save button.
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