How to enable or disable Graylisting from the SmarterMail16 by login as a domain administrator?

This article will guide you how to enable or disable Graylisting from the SmarterMail by login as a domain administrator.

What is Graylisting?

Graylisting is a method to prevent email users against Spam. It is one type of filtering that involves the strategic temporary rejection of a sender based on that sender's IP address and additional routing information.

The server which uses a Graylisting strategy will take the sender's IP address and other routing information attempt to match it against a database. If there is no match, the server will issue a temporary rejection error code. Graylisting is based on the conception that a legitimate server will receive the rejection and send the message again, while a spamming server is likely to write off the recipient's email address as invalid.

Please be informed that In smarterMail 16, the graylisting feature is bydefault enabled. To disable it you will have to follow the below steps.

  1. Login into SmarterMail 16 dashboard with the domain administrator user.

  2. Once you login in the SmarterMail you will get the following window. Click on the domain name on which you want to disable Graylisting. In this article, we have used accu17 .com as a domain name.


  3. Scroll down the screen and search the Email option.


  4. Under Email option, you will get disable Graylisting option. To disable graylisting you will have to switch the slider to the left. If you want to enable it again, you will have to switch the slider to the right.


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