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We deliver Windows VPS with default time zone MST - Mountain Standard Time. However, you may need to change the default time zone with your home time zone. This article will assist you in how to change the time zone of Windows VPS via RDP (Remote Desktop Service).
Note that you'll need administrative access to change the timezone of Windows VPS.

1. Log in to your Windows VPS via RDP (Remote Desktop). This tutorial will guide you to connect to the Windows VPS server using the RDP from different operating systems.

2. Click on start and go to Control Panel.

Windows Control Panel


3. In the Control Panel tab, Under the "Clock, Language, and Regionmenu, click on Set the time and date.

Set the time and date


4. On the Date and Time tab, click on Change time zone.

Change Time Zone

5. In the Time Zone Settings tab, select the time zone from the drop-down list and click on Ok. If your time zone has Daylight Saving Time, click on the checkbox to Automatically adjust the clock for daylight saving time.

Time Zone Settings

6. In the Date and Time tab, click OK, and the new time zone settings will be applied.

Udate Time Zone

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