Can I host 5 sub-domain with SSL on same IP? You can host five sub-domain with SSL on the same IP using SNI mode (for windows server 2012 OS... Can you purchase an SSL per month basis? No, you can not purchase the SSL per month basis. You can only purchase the SSL per year basis... How can you change a domain from a multi-domain SSL? If you want to change the main domain from a Multi-domain SSL, we can not change it with the... How will you determine which SSL is installed on a domain? Option 1: You can verify it from an online SSL checker website. Option 2: You can verify it by... If a domain is using CloudFlare DNS, and client install a 3rd party SSL on the domain, will it provide data encryption from end user machine <-> CloudFlare <-> Hosting server? If not, how much path will it encrypt? What you may need to do to secure entire path? Yes, if the domain is using Cloudflare DNS, and 3rd party SSL is installed on the domain, it will... If a domain is using CloudFlare DNS, can you purchase SSL from AccuWeb and install it on the domain? Yes, If a domain uses Cloudflare DNS, you can purchase an SSL Certificate from AccuWeb and... In linux shared hosting, I have 3rd party SSL on main domain. Will other domain, mail domain etc will still remain with free SSL? Yes, your other domains, mail domain, etc will still remain with Free SSL Certificate if you have... What is Class 3 SSL, Class 2, and Class 1 SSL? Class 1 Certificates are considered low assurance, as the verification method confirms that the... What is Root CA certificate? When do you need to add it? Root CA certificate is the certificate authority that owns one or more trusted roots, which means... What is Server Name Indication (SNI)? SNI - Server name indication. It is an extension of the TLS protocol that allows running... What is sha256? SHA-256 is a cryptographic hash algorithm with a digest length of 256 bits. Therefore, the length... What is the SSL certificate hierarch? Root certificate -> Intermediate certificate -> End-user Certificate - A Root SSL... What is the difference between sha1 and sha2? - SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm. - SHA1 and SHA2 both are cryptographic hash methods.... What is the process to install CloudFlare SSL? Here, we have assumed that you have a Windows VPS and want to install Cloudflare SSL on it. To... What is the use of PFX? What you must enxure while using a PFX? A PFX file is a password-protected certificate archive containing the entire certificate chain... Which SSL provider (CA) is used to provide free SSL service in Linux shared hosting? Free SSL service in Linux shared hosting is powered by a Sectigo provider. Which are three main types of SSL? Single Domain SSL - covers a single domain name with a "www" hostname. Ex: &... Will you be able to use same IP if you want to host rapid SSL on main domain and a wildcard SSL on subdoamins? Yes, you can use the same IP address to host Rapid SSL on the main domain and wildcard SSL on...
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