Is it possible to take a complete VPS backup in VPS itself?

Please note that there is no provision to take a backup of the full VPS image in VPS. However, as an alternative solution, you can purchase our CDP Backup Service as an add-on to take full VPS backup; we will take offsite backups of your VPS daily. 
You can restore files, folders, or whole VPS as required. 

To accommodate full VPS backup, you must have purchased a sufficient amount of backup. For example, if you have purchased VPS with a 35 GB HDD, you should purchase at least a 35 GB CDP backup.

You can also check for any third-party backup services, such backup services will have their proprietary techniques to take backup. 

Although your VPS will be backed up with these third-party backup services, it may not be restored in our HyperVisor. 

Apart from this, we also provide complementary backups with all our VPS plans.


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