How to Migrate Windows Shared Hosting to AccuWebHosting?

This article will assist you to transfer your websites from existing Windows host to AccuWebHosting.

We believe that you have already purchased our Windows Shared Hosting services from AccuWebHosting. First, we would suggest you not to cancel your Web Hosting account with your existing host until you move all web content to AccuWebHosting and you are sure that everything is working fine here.


Web Content Migration

Your existing host must have provided you with the control panel to manage your web hosting account. Login to your control panel and create a ZIP file (or any compress file) of your website contents. Download that ZIP file to your local computer through the control panel file manager.

As an alternative, you can also download the backup ZIP file through FTP. Just connect to existing host's FTP and download the backup ZIP file. Now, connect to AccuWebHosting’s web server using FTP details provided in Login information email. Upload the backup archive and extract it maintaining the same file and folder structure. If you are not sure how to do that, this video tutorials will help you on how to configure FTP clients and upload the web files to server.


MSSQL Database Migration

MS SQL database backup can be taken via control panel (WebsitePanel) or SQL Server Management Studio. If your existing host allows you to access MS SQL database through SQL Server Management Studio, go through our article how to backup MSSQL database from SQL Server Management Studio for further help.

We believe you have successfully taken backup of MS SQL database, now you will need to restore it at AccuWebHosting database server. At AccuWebHosting, you can either restore MS SQL database via WebsitePanel or via SQL Server Management Studio. Here is a tutorial, you can refer to restore MSSQL database via SQL Server Management Studio.

Email Migration

For email migration, you will need to download them to your local system from existing host. You can accomplish this by making POP3 connection to each mailbox and all your old emails will be downloaded to your local computer. Here is a tutorial set how you can configure various email clients and download emails in local computer.

Now, you have a copy of your website on both hosting accounts, before you make DNS changes, it’s good to check if your website is working properly at AccuWebHosting server. You can browse your website with a temporary URL as follows.  // For Windows Shared Hosting customers // For Windows Public Cloud Hosting customers

Once everything works perfectly at AccuWebHosting servers, it is the time to change the nameservers. For Windows Shared Hosting customers nameservers would be following.


For Windows Shared Cloud (Public Cloud) hosting customers, nameservers would be following.


Now login to domain control panel (domain registrar panel) and set above nameservers. If you have bought your domain name from AccuWebHosting, we will set our nameservers for you upon request. Once the  nameservers changes have been made, you will need to wait for 24 to 48 hours before your website will load from our server. Please note that during the DNS propagation period your website will be randomly loading either from the existing host or from AccuWebHosting servers. After the DNS propagation period your website will be loading from AccuWebHosting servers.


Free Migration Service from AccuWebHosting

We may also transfer your entire website (web files, databases and emails) free of charge from your existing host to our server. For this, you should have purchased any Windows Shared hosting plan with minimum annual contract. To avail free account transfer services, customer must raise the support ticket from client area within 7 days of signup date. For more information, please refer to FREE account migration terms.

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