How to Install SSL Certificate via WHM?

This article describes how to install an SSL certificate on your domain from WHM. If you want to just renew the SSL certificate then skip the first step and follow the second step right away.

Step 1 - Assign Dedicated IP Address

Before installing an SSL certificate on your domain, you will have to change the IP address of your cPanel account from shared to dedicated. If you are having your own VPS and you are not going to host any other domain on your VPS then you can use your server's main IP address otherwise it is recommended to assign a dedicated IP address. Following are the steps to assign a dedicated IP address to your cPanel account:

  1. Login to WHM.

  2. At WHM, from left navigation section, locate IP Functions. In that section click on Change Site's IP Address icon.


  3. Here, you will see a list of all domains and their users. Find your domain and click on the Change button at the bottom of the page.

  4. Now, you will be given a list of available IP addresses to be assigned to the selected domain. Select the IP address of your choice and click the Change button. Your website's IP address will be changed Caution:  Make sure that you do not choose your server's main shared IP address, inadvertantly..

Note: If you are not using the DNS service of your VPS/server then you will have to change your website's "A" record at your DNS provider. Any change made in DNS record requires 24-48 hours global propagation time.

Step 2 - Install the SSL Certificate

  1. Go back to Main Menu and find SSL/TLS section. Click on Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain link and fill out all fields as follows.

    Install Certificate

  2. In Domain box, enter domain name exactly as you have used to purchase the SSL certificate. Entering domain name, an IP address may appear automatically, but if it does not, enter it manually.

  3. Now, copy and paste the Certificate (provided by SSL certificate vendor) into the first text box, RSA Key into second text box and certificate vendor’s CA Bundle into third text box. Click on Install button located at bottom of the installation screen.

    Add Certificate

  4. If you face any errors after clicking the Install button, make sure that you have entered all values correctly and there is not any unnecessary space before and/or after the text in the boxes.


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