How to Stop and Start MySQL Service in Windows and Linux VPS?

This article will assist you to stop and start MySQL service from Windows VPS and Linux VPS.

Windows VPS

  1. Login to your Windows VPS through Remote Desktop.
  2. Go to Start >> Administrative Tools >> Services.

    Windows Services

  3. At Services Window, locate and select MySQL service.
  4. If MySQL service is running, at right hand side you will get following 3 options.

    • Stop the service // This option will stop the selected service.
    • Pause the service // This option will pause the selected service.
    • Restart the service // This option will restart the selected service.

      Windows Service Options

  5. To Stop, Pause or Restart the service, click on the respective option.
  6. If MySQL service is stopped, you will get only option of Start the service as shown in the following image.

    Start Service

  7. By following above steps, you can also stop/start other Windows service.

Linux VPS

In Linux VPS, you can stop/start MySQL service either through SSH or WHM control panel.

Stop/start MySQL service through SSH/Terminal

Connect to your VPS through SSH with root user and type following commands.

Stop MySQL

service mysql stop OR  /etc/init.d/mysql stop

Start MySQL

service mysql start OR /etc/init.d/mysql start

Restart MySQL

service mysql restart OR /etc/init.d/mysql restart

Check MySQL server status

service mysql status

If you want to stop/start other Linux VPS services, you can use above commands by placing service name. Following are some of the most common Linux VPS services.

exim // Mail Server

httpd // Apache Web Server

// DNS Server

// SSH Service

// FTP Server

Start/Stop MySQL service through WHM


  1. Login to WHM (https://your-IP-address:2087).
  2. Under the Service Configuration section, select Service Manager.

    WHM Service Manager

  3. Uncheck the check boxes under mysql and click on Save button. This will stop MySQL service.

    WHM Service Manager

  4. To start MySQL service, you just need to check checkboxes under mysql and Save button.
  5. By following above steps, you can also stop/start other listed services.

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