Can I buy a domain without hosting? Yes, you can buy only domain registration. It is not mandatory to purchase a hosting plan. You... Can I change my domain name registrar to AccuWebHosting.com? Yes, you can surely change current registrar and switch to AccuWebHosting. Transferring domain to... Can I host international domain names? Yes, we do provide hosting services for international domains. It is your responsibility to... Can I manage the DNS records of my domains by my own? Yes, definitely you can. Here are the steps: If you are using the DNS service of... DNS Propagation If you change any Domain nameserver, it will require a few hours to reflect globally. This is... Do I have to change my domain if I get a new host? No, you do not need to change your domain name. You can simply update/point your domain's... Do I own the domain name? Yes, you will be an owner of the domain name. You are not charged anything to move your domain... Do you offer any money back guarantee in Domain Name? No, there is no money back guarantee on domain registration/renewal order. Get VPS Hosting Do you offer assistance with managing domain names? We are available to help you with all aspects of managing your domain name. Please submit a... Domain transfer failed. What could be the reason? Any one of the following could be the reason if your domain transferred is failed. Entered... For How Many Years I Could Buy a Domain Name and Web Hosting Services? You can buy a domain name for maximum 9 years and Web Hosting services for maximum 3 years.... Free domain registration - Terms and Conditions AccuWebHosting.com offers a free domain registration only for first year with selected plans and... How DNS works? Imagine, for a moment, that we had to address one another by our Social Security numbers. It... How can I forward or redirect my domain to another domain hosted with other hosting company?   You can forward your one domain to another domain from your domain registrar control panel or... How can I transfer my domain from AccuWebHosting to another company? This article will show you how to transfer your domain from the AccuwebHosting to another... How do I activate my domain? As soon as you place a domain registration order and make the payment, your domain will be... How do I create SRV record for my domain? This article will assist you to add an SRV record to your domain. Services Resource Record (SRV)... How do I manage my domain information? To manage your domain name, please follow these steps. Login to your "Client area" at... How do I manage my domain name via Enom panel? Customers, who have originally purchased their domain name through AccuWebHosting.com can change... How do i cancel a domain I no longer need at Accuwebhosting.com? In order to cancel your domain name, you can submit a cancelation request or submit a support... How to Modify Registrant Contact Details at DirectI Domain Control Panel? This article will assist you to change Registrant, Administrative, Billing and Technical contact... How to Reset Password of DirectI Control Panel Account? This article will assist you to reset DirectI domain control Panel password. Please note that... How to change domain WHOIS information from client area? In order to change your domain WHOIS information, you just need to log in to your client area and... How to enable/disable registrar lock from client area? By default all the domains registered with AccuWebHosting are locked at registrar. If you would... How to get the EPP code from client area? An EPP code is an authorization code which is required when a registrant wants to transfer the... How to obtain EPP code for directI domains? This article will assist you to obtain EPP code/Secret Key from DirectI Domain Control Panel.... How to recover a domain from Expired status? If you have purchased your domain from Accuwebhosting.com and currently it is showing expired... How to renew a domain in DirectI? This article will assist you to renew your domain from DirectI Domain Control Panel. Please note... How to set Domain A record to point domain? You can set A record for your domain in order to point the domain to your server where you have... I bought a domain, how do I edit my DNS records? If you have purchased a domain from Accuwebhosting.com then you need to contact us via a support... I have just checked my domain status, it shows in redemption. What is domain Redemption status? If your domain has not been renewed in time, ICANN provides you a grace period to renew it and... I have just transferred my domain to Accuwebhosting.com, How much time will it take in transfer? Once you place an order for the Domain transfer, it may take 5-7 business days to complete the... I want to transfer my domain to AccuWebHosting.com. How do I proceed? Transferring your domain to AccuWebhosting is easy and hassle free. Just follow few easy steps... Is my domain registration information public? Yes, by default domain registrant, administrative and contact (along with several other)... What are child nameservers? Child nameservers are also known as private nameservers. You can create your own child... What domain extensions (domain TLDs) do you sell and what are their prices? Following is the list of Domain TLDs/Domain extensions we offer. You can check the cost of the... What is the cName record in DNS? cName stands for the Canonical Name. It is used to create an ALIAS from one domain to another... What is the domain transfer procedure at AccuWebHosting.com? This article will give you an overview of domain transfer procedure. Following are the steps to... NAMESERVER HELP COMMANDS : Command to Check current nameservers of Domain?- host -t NS domain.com (command...
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