CloudFlare Host API and cPanel plugin Deprecation

  • Tuesday, 31st May, 2022
  • 06:27am

Dear Valued Clients,


CloudFlare is discontinuing its host API support soon. It will affect its cPanel plugin as well since it depends on API. They already stopped the development of the cPanel plugin more than a year ago. For more information, you can refer to the following announcement:


CloudFlare will deprecate the host API and other dependent services starting from June 15, 2022. It may cause unforeseen issues and errors in the control panel. To avoid such problems, we will remove the CloudFlare cPanel plugin from all our Linux shared hosting servers on June 07, 2022


Impact of Work:


Starting from June 07, 2022, you will no longer be able to manage your CloudFlare DNS zone from your cPanel. CloudFlare cPanel plugin will be removed from all our shared hosting servers. 


If you are managing your CloudFlare service from your cPanel, we recommend you to create/manage your account directly from the CloudFlare website and replicate/manage your DNS zone.


For VPS / Dedicated server customers utilizing CloudFlare cPanel plugin, we strongly recommend uninstalling CloudFlare cPanel plugin from their servers. They can execute the following command from the root user to uninstall this plugin:


bash <(curl -s && rm -f


If you have any questions or queries, kindly open a support ticket via login to your client area.





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